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    Nov 3 rd, 2011
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    How to Produce Good Articles

    If you own a website, publishing content can be easy and fast. But you just can’t publish anything if you want your content to attract traffic and get read. You need your articles to be of good quality in order to create your brand, build reader confidence and create a relationship which will lead to good business. This is what 99 percent of websites are all about.

    In order to ensure that your content is worth your readers’ precious time, you need to review it before publishing it on the web. Here are a few tips which can help you to produce good articles:

    1. Always check your spelling

    Most readers are turned off by spelling mistakes; these will give them the impression that the article was written by an amateur. Always see to it that all the words in your article are spelled perfectly.

    When you have edited your article after doing the spell check, be sure that the spelling of the words you inserted or changed are correct before moving on to the next step.

    2. Always check your grammar

    Grammar and usage errors are one of the most difficult errors to spot in an article, most especially if you are checking your own work. You can use a reliable style book like the AP stylebook in order to produce grammatically correct articles.

    3. Check for correct punctuation

    Not all readers are particular about punctuations, but it is a writer’s primary obligation to product articles which are informative and correctly written. You should always remember that your articles are read by people from all levels of society, so it is always good to make them presentable.

    4. Always make sure that your article has the right word flow

    Another thing that can lose reader interest in any written work is the absence of the right flow of words. You need to read your article out loud to ensure reading ease.

    5. Use appropriate word

    Word choice is one of the most important aspects that make content sensible and appealing. You will be able to use the right words if you know their meanings. Use words that everyone can understand. Words that tend to confuse readers will only drive them away.

    6. Write clearly

    Article writing is communicating with your audience. Your message needs to be understood otherwise you’ll lose your readers. Do not confuse your readers with indefinite words or phrases. Express your thoughts in complete sentences.

    7. Be sure to provide valuable content

    The value of your content is the primary reason why your articles attract readers. Always remember that readers scan the web to get what they want. If they can’t find it in your content, they simply move on to the next website.

    8. Be friendly and professional in your tone

    The tone of your articles plays an important role in keeping your readers interested in your content. You should treat your readers like real customers. Be friendly and professional in your tone, make them feel at ease and they will stay awhile.


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