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    Jan 31 st, 2012
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    How to Optimize Your Website for Bing

    While it is true that optimizing your site for Google can do wonders to improve your website’s exposure, you might need more to maximize your presence on the World Wide Web because of a new development.

    The interesting news is about a 10-year, $275 million partnership agreement between the Microsoft Network, MSN and Yahoo to launch Bing, another search engine which had become popular since it’s launching in 2009.

    There are talks that Bing may eventually replace Google because of its growing popularity. Whether it will happen or not, it’s always good to be prepared for any eventuality. This means that as a Google user, you should also know how to optimize your website for Bing. Here are some suggestions to do it.

    1. Always produce content which is not less than 300 words in length.

    Search engine optimization experts who are familiar with Bing assert that Bing’s algorithm has a tendency to give higher value on content which is not less than 300 words.

    2. Optimize each page with keywords and unique tags.

    Apply on-page optimization by infusing keywords in your title tags. Each page should contain unique tags as Bing considers them important in its indexing and page ranking process.

    3. Pay attention to link building.

    Linking plays an important role in search engine optimization. You can enhance SEO for Bing by building backlinks from reputable or authority sites. Bing also recognizes outbound links better than other search engines do.

    4. Follow Bing’s rule on keyword targeting.

    Bing’s rule on keyword targeting says that it allows content providers to target no more than two keywords per page. You should follow this rule by using one main keyword, the one that you want to rank for, and a long-tail key phrase that contains your main keyword.

    5. Utilize Meta Tags.

    Many content providers are no longer putting much weight to Meta Tags when they optimize their web pages for Google. They believe that Google is no longer considering its importance in search engine ranking.

    For Bing, you need to provide each page with unique Meta Tags as this search engine considers them a part of the indexing process.

    6. Continue implementing the other SEO practices.

    Bing has separate and distinct rules from Google, but it recognizes popular SEO practices such as:

    – The use of H1 tags;

    – The use of navigation links; and

    – The infusion of keywords in the URL

    These are some of the most popular ways to optimize your web pages for Bing. Because of Bing’s increasing popularity, you need to make your site friendly to this search engine because it too has a big market that you need to explore. Another thing that you need to consider is that Bing doesn’t put much weight on a site’s age as a basis for popularity and ranking. This gives every site a fair chance of ranking better if its webmasters follow decent SEO practices.


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