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    Sep 14 th, 2012
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    How to Obtain Quality Rewritten Articles

    Article marketing is one of the most cost effective means of promoting websites and businesses. It helps to increase visibility and it also works to attract traffic and search engines.

    But since the demand for articles is increasing by the day, website and blog owners run out of new information every now and then. The emergence of article directories is another reason why article marketers need to submit articles from time to time. These and other factors have prompted them to rewrite their articles.

    Here are some of the ways to obtain quality rewritten articles:

    1. Outsourcing

    There are many writers who are willing to do research and to rewrite the information they have harvested. They are able to produce unique content and you can outsource your writing projects to them, but you have to invest some money for this purpose.

    2. Using Private Label Rights Articles

    PLR articles are ready-made articles that you can buy and use without the risk of copyright infringement. Posting them to your website or submitting them to article directories is not the best way to use them because they can expose you to the risk of publishing duplicate content. Moreover, PLRs have very little chance of getting past the human editors of article directories.

    The best way to use PLRs for this purpose is to rewrite them and publish your own version on your website. Once it is published, you can tweak it a bit then submit your second version to article sites. This can really help to give you lots of exposure, but it requires effort and time.

    3. Utilizing Rapid Content Generators

    Using a ghostwriter requires you to spend money for your articles. Rewriting PLR articles, though a bit cost-effective, would also require you to spend time and effort.

    If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money for rewritten articles, you can try content generation software to help you produce fresh content quickly. There are lots of affordable content generators that can rewrite and spin your articles with just a couple of clicks. You just need to review each rewritten version to ensure that they are understandable and they carry the message that you want them to convey.

    These are some of the ways to obtain quality rewritten articles. You can use them to enhance your visibility and presence on the web.


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