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    Mar 27 th, 2012
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    How to Move on After the Panda Update

    The panda is the latest update on Google’s search engine algorithm. This update is intended to stop the scheme of unscrupulous webmasters who operate websites or link to websites with poor quality content just to catch the attention of the search engines.

    Since the release of Panda 3.3 earlier this year, Google has de-ranked lots of blogs and blog networks. The panda update is especially keen on going after sites that publish poor quality or stolen content, sites with backlinks from untrustworthy sites, and numerous spun articles that contain backlinks to the same private blog to attract search engines.

    Google also says that it is concerned about the number of ads that appear in a webpage, but it is not part of the current update.

    Google intends to cleanse the web from poor quality content and malicious linking. This is to ensure that value and high quality services are delivered to the millions of Internet users worldwide. It also warned online entrepreneurs against the use of unfair tactics to improve rankings.

    The panda update has made online marketers concerned and worried about the future of their businesses. This is because it has the capability to bring your site farther down the search engine rankings despite the time and effort they have spent in building their backlink profiles.

    If you have experienced a huge decline in your traffic after February 24, chances are you are affected by the panda update. If you are shocked and confused about the turn of events, here’s what you should do to move on after the event:

    1. Produce high quality content.

    Google defines quality content as one that carries valuable information, usefulness, originality and relevance to your business. You should focus on these things to rank well in the search engines.

    2. Use press releases instead of article marketing.

    The panda update has caused many article marketing sites to lose their rankings. One of the most probable reasons for this is the loss of backlink benefits they once received from their syndicated articles.

    According to observations, many press release newswires maintained their ranks after the update. This means that you should try submitting press releases to maintain your visibility on the web.

    There are lots of press release newswires that you can submit to, with each of them able to give you two to three backlinks to enhance your exposure.

    4. Write original articles and submit them to select article directories rather than submitting them to hundreds of article sites at once.

    This will help to foster originality. The panda is not intended to put article marketing to an end.


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