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    Sep 4 th, 2012
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    How to Make Good Money Writing Articles

    The advent of the Internet and the presence of thousands of websites that need content has made article writing a highly sought skill today. But with the emergence of millions of article writers from around the world, competition has soared to great heights.

    This has made the compensation for article writers go down low. There are lots of good article writers who are willing to receive low wages. This resulted in the profession becoming even more difficult in terms of financial returns. A writer really needs to stand out from the rest in order to get higher pay. In order to attain it, here are some tips than can help to make you produce excellent articles and earn good money with it:

    1. Shine with your expertise.

    Writers with specialist knowledge are paid higher than average writers. If you don’t have that knowledge today, strive to get some. Acquire the knowledge through reading, researching, and interviewing experts of your field of interest. Try to practice writing about the subject until you are confident enough about what you know.

    If you have specialist knowledge, you can be classified as rare material. This will allow you to charge premium rates.

    2. You can make good money by writing for large companies.

    If you are presently writing for a client who pays you $3 per article, you should find a way to work for big companies that can afford to pay you higher wages for your efforts.

    One of the ways to achieve this is to approach companies that have never considered hiring a content provider for their websites. You should be able to convince them that hiring a writer could be just as good as or better than advertising in terms of costs and long-term benefits. If you can convince them, you’d be in for good money.

    3. Perfect your research skills.

    Great research skills can help you to produce original articles. It is also one of the things that can give you the opportunity to be paid better. You can’t be paid well if you keep on rehashing other people’s content. One of the most prominent differences of highly paid writers and their $3 per article counterparts is the ability to research and write articles from scratch,

    4. Maintain good relationships with your sources.

    “Sources” are people. They are the experts in their chosen fields. They can give you invaluable information which you can use to educate your readers. You should develop and maintain good relationships with them because they are one of the best assets of your profession.

    5. Make article writing your business and you should treat it like one.

    If you are really serious about earning good money by writing articles, you should make it a business and treat it like one. Now that you have a business, you should stop looking for article writing jobs. You should look out for writing projects that you can submit a proposal on. Establish a client base and treat each client like a customer and not an employer. Strive to satisfy your clients with quality products and efficient service.

    These are some of the tips to make money by writing articles. Use them to take advantage of the opportunities that are available. All you need is a firm decision to break away from the norm.


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