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    Sep 26 th, 2011
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    How to Layout your Website Copy

    When people visit the web to purchase something, one of the very first things they would look out for is the website’s capability to provide the services or product they are looking for.

    If these things are not stated in the home page, they would surely navigate away from your website to look for another which can offer them what they’re looking for.

    Here are some tips to help you layout your website copy in order to boost your sales:

    1. Use headlines that grab attention

    Your headline is the first thing that your visitors must read as he scans through your page. Use bold letters and state the most important benefit that your potential customer will get if he buys your product or service.

    2. Consider the advantage of using sub headlines

    You should break your ideas into paragraphs. Use sub headlines to emphasize a specific point which helps to deliver what your headline has promised.

    3. Break up paragraphs with bulleted items

    Express your ideas in bulleted form. This is one of the most effective ways of sending your message across. But you must make sure that your sentences are short to catch the eye of your reader.

    4. Give your reader some breathing space with white spaces

    Using white spaces between elements of your web page gives your visitors the convenience of reading through your contents easily.

    5. Convey additional information with internal links

    Allow your visitor to navigate to the other pages of your website through internal links. Internal links are hyperlinked text that contains additional information about your subject matter.

    6. Use images to enhance your content

    Images should not be used for the sole purpose of adding beauty to a website. They should be used to emphasize a point that you want to make. Images should be related to your content.

    7. A website copy should be readable

    Do not experiment with colors in your web copy. Use black text on a white background to make it easy for your visitors to stick to your webpage. Font size is another factor that you should consider in order to retain your readers. Good web copies use large fonts of 20 to 30 pixels for headlines and a font size of not less than 12 pixels for main their main content.

    Avoid using fancy fonts as they may not appear correctly on your visitor’s computers.

    8. Check your content for spelling and grammar mistakes

    Always check your content for spelling and grammar mistakes. Visitors can easily spot them. You can use an online spelling and grammar checker to help you on this.

    9. Ask other people to review your web copy

    Being its author, you can’t be very objective with your own web copy. Ask for the honest opinion of your friends by requesting them to do an honest review of your web copy.

    10. Express your call to action

    You have spent much time and effort creating a web copy in order to produce the desired result which is sales. You can do this by transitioning from your main context to a call to action. This acts as an invitation for your prospect to do something such as an “Add to Cart” or a “Buy Now” graphic.


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