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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    How to Get Others to Share Your Content

    What’s the point of going to all the work of writing stellar posts if you only get a handful of visitors? When you’ve put all that time and effort into writing your content, you want as many people to read it as possible. Getting more people to your site can happen if you get others to share your content.

    Why would I want my content to be shared?
    Just to be clear, we’re not talking about stealing your content, but having others put the word out about it so you’ll, in turn, get more visitors. Sure, having more viewers is self-gratifying, but it’s really about going after your traffic and monetary goals. More viewers means a chance to increase your list of subscribers you can promote products to, the possibility of joint ventures, the chance to promote your products via interviews and guest posts, and the potential for more sales directly from your site.

    When your content gets shared by others with friends, some of that friend trust is passed on to you and your brand. This can certainly help you leap frog ahead on credibility.

    How do I make my content share-worthy?
    The first order of business is to write content that people want to share.
    * Make your content easy to read with a good font and font size, well-placed white space, short paragraphs, bullet points and graphics.
    * Create content that people enjoy reading. It should add lots of value, make one think, give others hope, offer solutions, be interesting, unique, and personable. It should not be written just for search engines.
    In addition, you need to make it easy to share by adding social media buttons.  You can go all out and easily offer many buttons through a plugin such as SexyBookmarks or Sociable, or just stick with the main social media like Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and Facebook.

    How do I get my content shared?
    There are several ways your info can be shared such as with social media, other sites, others’ emails to their list, emails to your list, and more.
    But you’re probably wondering how to make that happen, besides making it easy for them, as noted above.
    * Share their stuff first. If you comment on and tweet their posts, they will do the same for you. Give freely first and you will not only feel good about it but be amazed how it comes back to you. Start a campaign of building relationships with other site owners in complimentary niches by reading their content regularly, and tweet, like, dig, etc. often.
    * Ask. There’s no shame in asking, just don’t do it all the time. Tweeting your content link and asking for a retweet now and then gets you results. So does asking your friends or your list subscribers to do the same.
    * Bribe. I’ve seen several marketers offer free products to their list subscribers if they would like their Facebook fanpage.

    Now you’ve got some good reasons why you want your content shared, ways to make it share-worthy, and how to get others to share it. Get busy and grow you readership!


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