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    Nov 15 th, 2011
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    How to Get More Views on YouTube

    Aside from article marketing, video marketing is another online marketing strategy which is highly effective in generating traffic if it is promoted and optimized properly to attract humans and search engines.

    If you know how to create videos and upload them to YouTube, you can be in for a profitable online marketing method, but you need to add a few key aspects to your skill to make it work effectively as a marketing tool.

    YouTube has become a stage where millions of videos get viewed everyday by people searching for information online. Viewing videos on YouTube is a great alternative to reading articles as watching and listening requires less effort than reading.

    Here are some simple ways to get more views on YouTube:

    1. Identify your keywords

    Keywords are as important in video marketing as in article marketing. You should identify your keywords and infuse them in the title, description tags and video tags to make optimize your video. You should research for effective keywords before you upload your video. Use a keyword research tool to determine their popularity and competition. The best keywords to use for your videos are those which have high search volumes and less competition.

    2. Promote your video

    Promote your video by submitting articles about its topic to directories like Ezinearticles. You should not forget to include the link to your video in your resource box. This can greatly help in driving traffic to your video article. You can never underestimate the power of article directories in driving traffic.

    4. Get backlinks

    Do some guest posting guest posting or blog commenting on other blogs. You can also join a forum where you can post your inputs about your subject. Mention your video URL in your guest blog and forum postings. Just make sure that the subject of your video article is relevant to the niche in the blog and forum that you are posting in. These can help to drive traffic to your video article and increase its chances of getting viewed.

    5. Use social networking sites to share your video with others

    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are social networking sites which allow you to post notices and links of anything you have done on the web, including new videos you have uploaded on YouTube and other video sharing sites. Ask your friends to share your video with their other friends. This can help to increase your backlinks and potential for more views.


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