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    Mar 13 th, 2012
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    How to Get More Viewers for your Video

    Since the invasion of videos in the World Wide Web, the dissemination and sharing of information online has never been the same. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Metacafe have attracted millions of viewers. Their being a convenient way to convey information is just a plus factor to the human interest that they carry naturally.

    But not all videos get the same degree of attention. Some videos have become viral while some others are still waiting to be found. In this article, we will take up some pointers on how to get more viewers for your video.

    1. Compel your visitors to watch the video.

    In many cases, people watch videos because something in it compels them to. An engaging title is one of your best approaches to tickle the interest of your prospect. Words such as “powerful,” “best,” or “funniest” can be effective attention grabbers. Using the name of a well-known personality who is featured in the video can also be an effective way to compel your visitors to watch your video.

    2. Change the color of your video border.

    By applying color to your video border, you are “lifting” the video off from its all-white webpage background. This makes your video stand out in itself on your computer screen. This is a simple trick that can help to increase your views by as much as 20 percent.

    3. Choose an interesting graphic image for your video.

    When people search for videos especially on YouTube, they scan through a lot of images and will only click on the ones that catches their attention and interest. Most video marketers don’t mind choosing a graphic image to represent their videos and use the opening shot as their graphic. You can make your video more captivating by using a graphic image that can tickle your visitors’ curiosity.

    4. Give a good description of your video.

    A good description of your video helps to strengthen its appeal to searchers. This can give your prospect a compelling reason to open your video and find out what it contains.

    5. Specify the length of your video.

    It is common knowledge that people’s attention span on the web are short. If you want people to watch your videos from start to finish, your videos should be short. Let people know the length of your video by stating its length or duration. This will make people know how much time they are going to spend watching it.

    6. Include the video bar.

    The video bar is the horizontal bar below the video that lets the user control certain functions such as volume, play, pause, etc. This gives your viewer the feeling that they are in control of the video.


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