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    Mar 20 th, 2012
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    How to Get Good Testimonials

    Testimonials are an essential part of a sales letter. It makes your copy more credible. It gives your prospects the confidence that your claims are true and verifiable. Getting a good testimonial should be one of the primary things that you need to know as you join the copywriting business.

    One of the most common mistakes that copywriters commit when they solicit for testimonials is asking their previous customers to do it if they like the product. This will not work the way you want it to because your request is too general. Your prospect might not know what to say and end up saying “Hey, great product.” This is most probably not the one you want.

    Here are some tips to get good testimonials:

    1. Send a questionnaire with a request.

    To get the answers you want, you need to ask specific questions and the way to do it is to send a questionnaire to your customer with specific questions about your product and his or her experience with it. Ask them to provide honest answers to your questions. Since a questionnaire is different from a testimonial, you have to ask your prospect to allow you to use his or her answers in a testimonial form. You should place this request as the last item in your questionnaire. Most people will not have a problem with it.

    2. Present the testimonial with a photo.

    Testimonials become more credible when it is presented with a photo of the customer who used your product or service. You must get a photo with the testimonial to make your prospects believe that real people are using your product. Testimonials with photos can greatly help to generate sales for you.

    3. Format the testimonial on the sales page.

    By including the testimonial on the sales page, you are leading your prospects to the claims of real people about your products’ benefits. You can make your testimonials section more interesting by placing a header that highlights the best line from the testimonial.

    These are some of the most effective tips of getting good testimonials. You should try them out to make your sales letter more effective and credible.


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