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    Sep 26 th, 2011
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    How to Generate Traffic with Article Marketing

    One of the biggest contributions of web traffic to an online business is its potential to generate sales. Every website wants to attract traffic for this purpose. One of the most effective strategies to drive traffic to your website for free is to write lots of articles about your niche and distribute them across the Web.

    Here are some ways to generate traffic with article marketing:

    1. Write for your target audience

    You should write unique, informative content for your target audience. Avoid copying content from other websites as it may give you a negative impact in the search engines. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes because these will turn most visitors off. Find ways to know what your audience want and write them. This will make your articles attractive.

    2. Consider the ability of search engines

    Search engines can greatly help your website to attract traffic by raising your ranking in the search page. Your articles should be able to attract the search engines by infusing it with keywords that your target audience is using in their searches. You should include your keywords in the title, body and resource box.

    3. Build links to attract traffic

    Links play an important role in attracting web traffic and determining your ranking in the search engines. By placing links in your resource box you are creating a big traffic potential for your website.

    Search engines trust websites which are highly visited. Getting links from these websites can boost your search engine ranking. Look for high traffic websites which are related to your niche and offer exclusive rights to your article. If they accept your offer, your website will have the boost in traffic that you want.

    You can also receive lots of backlinks by submitting your articles to article directories such as ezinearticles. These sites are visited by millions of web users everyday.

    4. Convert your content

    There are other forms of content which can suit the varying tastes of your audience. While many people are comfortable reading text, there are others who prefer to just sit back and listen or watch your presentation.

    You can actually repurpose your existing content to audio or video files to attract a wider audience base.

    5. Write often

    Writing articles as often as your time permits increases your chances of driving lots of visitors to your website. Website users want fresh information. You can serve them best by updating your website on a regular basis and submitting articles to different directories as often as you can.

    6. Become a guest writer

    Offer to write as a guest writer for an online publisher. Writing articles for an online newsletter will increase your exposure. This also improves your chance of increasing traffic for your website.


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