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    Jun 1 st, 2012
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    How to Generate Traffic Through Content Distribution

    Content distribution is one effective way to reach out to your readers without waiting for them to discover that your article or your website exists.

    Free, useful and current content are what most people look for on the web. But you have to offer it to your targeted readers to let them know that you prepared something that can help to address their needs and problems.

    You have to do proactive steps to enhance the visibility of your content. It might contain great information, but if you do nothing to expose them, it will be buried in the sea of information and it won’t be able to deliver what you want: traffic.

    Here are some of the ways to generate traffic through content distribution:

    1. Know what your target audience wants.

    Knowing what your potential clients want is an effective way of doing what can serve them best. It can help you to formulate the best topics to discuss about.

    You will know what your readers want to know by asking them. The best venues for asking include niche forums and your blog. Read current postings in forums about your subject; this will give you an idea what your prospects want to know. You should also encourage your readers to comment on your blog posts. It can help you to give them what they want.

    2. Deliver what your readers want.

    Once you have an idea of a topic that your readers want, it is time to research and assemble the content. Give them what they want. If it involves procedures, pros and cons, benefits, or whatever, do your best to deliver it to them. Your readers will surely come back to you for more – and that’s captured traffic, isn’t it?

    3. Write quality articles and submit them to article directories.

    Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to get traffic and quality backlinks to your site. You can do this by writing quality articles and submitting them to article sites such as EzineArticles, Article Base and GoArticles. Article directories allow you to include a resource box that contains your bio and links to your website or landing page. These links serve as leads that will bring traffic from article sites to your own website.

    4. Stay in touch with your prospects.

    The best way to know the needs of your prospects is to get in touch with them through blogs and niche forums. Do a quick research in Google to identify the most popular forums and blogs about your subject matter. Visit these daily to get an idea what topics are “in.” Participate in the discussions and show your knowledge about the topic. This can help to build your reputation in that community. It also helps to give you plenty of writing ideas for your articles.

    5. Post your article in social networking sites.

    Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are fast gaining popularity as a great place to get traffic from. By posting useful information about your niche on these sites, you will be able to include links that will lead people to your articles. This will help to promote your content. Other members who find it useful will also share it with their friends and other members of the community.


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