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    May 30 th, 2012
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    How to Generate Free Traffic with Marketing Videos

    The popularity of YouTube in the virtual world is not an accident. It is contributed mainly by the number of people who have appreciated the value and power of video as a tool for learning, information and entertainment.

    Since it is an effective tool for communication, video is also fast becoming one of the most helpful marketing strategies today. The multitudes who are watching video everyday is a big market that no one can underestimate. Videos have the power to drive traffic to your website or business.

    Here are some tips on how to generate free traffic with marketing videos:

    1. Determine the right keywords for your video.

    The very first thing that you need to do when you are about to produce a marketing video is to discover popular yet less competed keywords in your niche. You need keywords to make your video visible.

    To get the right keywords, you need to do a research for the words or phrases that are highly searched per month. You can use a good keyword research tool such as Google’s Keywords Adwords Tool to do this.

    2. Produce your video.

    As a beginner, one of the best ways to produce a marketing video is to convert your articles into videos with the use of article video creation programs like Article Video Robot. An article to video converter software transforms your text articles to videos complete with headings, backgrounds and other things.

    If you are comfortable speaking in front of a camera, you can also create a video of yourself giving away the information you wanted to share to your target audience. It takes time and practice but you can learn it, especially if you research for some techniques that are available online.

    3. Optimize your videos.

    Like text articles, search engines also play an important role in making your videos more visible. You can make your video appear at the top pages of search results by infusing your main keywords in the title, description and tags of your video.

    4. Submit your video.

    This is the stage where your video gets viewed by other people. Once your video is finished, you need to submit it to top video sharing sites like YouTube. The exposure of your video in these sites can greatly help to bring visitors of these sites to your website. This is the traffic that video sharing sites promise.

    5. Post responses at high-traffic videos.

    High-traffic videos can do a lot to improve the traffic of your own website. You can possibly get viewers of high-traffic videos to visit your site by letting them know about the existence of your video.

    You can do this by posting video responses on frequently viewed videos.


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