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    Sep 12 th, 2011
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    How to Find a Reliable Content Provider

    The quality of your web content is not a thing to be ignored if you really want to make your presence felt in the internet. In most cases, the life of your online business hangs by it.

    It is only imperative for you to provide quality content for your website or have those published live on other sites such as article directories. This will help a lot in driving traffic which could turn into sales for your business.

    If you can’t provide the content that your target audience is looking for in your website, you should get someone to do it for you. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when you hire a content provider:

    1. Referrals and references

    A referral is a method of hiring somebody with the help of a recommendation given by your own employees or other businesses or their employees. This is one of the most effective ways of hiring contractors because you are getting someone whose reputation is vouched by somebody who knows the person.

    A reference on the other hand, refers to the personal testimonies of a person’s former client or co-worker regarding your prospective contractor’s performance, attitude and work ethics. References are usually included by individuals in their resume while some entities write them in their business profile. You have to contact those references in order to know the background of your prospect.

    2. Writing Samples

    You should ask your prospect ghostwriter to send you a few writing samples so that you can determine his writing ability and style. He doesn’t have to be proficient in your niche although it is a big plus if he has some prior knowledge about it. The thing that you should consider important is the writer’s ability to give your website a personality and character that your readers will love.

    3. Search Engine Optimization

    You must be sure that your prospect writer is familiar with SEO. This is very important in the sense that their written articles must get noticed by search engines. You should also ask them what they know about SEO as their idea about it might be far from real they might spam their articles with keywords.

    4. Keep an eye for small details

    Before you finally decide to select someone for an interview, there is always an exchange of communication that happens between the two of you. Read his messages carefully and try to spot for mistakes in grammar and spelling. Simple typos are common and quite understandable, but poor writing is something that you should not consider when hiring a writer who is expected to build your brand.

    5. State the rules

    As the paying customer, you have to state your policies regarding quality, deadlines, quota or rewrites just in case you are not satisfied with the work he delivers. You should also specify the documents that he has to sign before the work starts.


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