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    Jul 21 st, 2011
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    How to Entice Visitors to Read Your Articles

    The very object and purpose of article marketing is to get your articles read.

    From our point of view, there are only three major elements that can bring your visitors to the point of actually reading your articles; these are: a good teaser copy of the article, an impressive author’s bio and distributing the articles to reputable article directories as these will provide your article with the exposure it needs in order to generate maximum traffic.

    I. The Teaser Copy

    The teaser copy is the little paragraph you usually write under the title before the article is submitted to the directory, and into the web, granting that the article is approved. It is intended to entice the reader with bits of information that arouses the reader’s curiosity, prompting him to read more.

    In order to produce an effective teaser copy, these tips are suggested:

    1) Include specifics

    A lot of specifics are necessary to make the reader want for more. This will include numbers, amounts or statistical data;

    2. Give away a vital tidbit of your story

    Relating a choice tidbit of the story and presenting it in an intriguing manner makes your reader read on;

    3. Take Advantage of a Twist

    Using a twist is to “invert” the expected outcome in your teaser. It’s a classic approach that’s proven effective in newspaper journalism. Many online writers can also attest to its effectiveness on online marketing.

    4. Keep it hanging

    In your teaser, you can state a problem and offer a solution you that should be kept hanging to lead your reader to entire article, implying that there’s something that he/she just gotta know;

    5. Cut if off

    Write an important aspect in the article and cut it somewhere in the middle with dots.

    Teaser copies are like article titles. It should be presented in a way that it generates curiosity, promises a benefit, expresses shock or poses a question.

    II. Good Author Bios

    Author bio is the section of the article that gives information about the author of the article. Good author bio is one of the main factors that foster trust among readers. This eventually leads people to your website.

    III. Reputable Websites

    Article directories of good standing and credibility earn trust and confidence from readers. By submitting your articles to reputable websites, your articles chances of getting noticed and read is high. Examples of reliable article directories where you may submit your articles include: Ezine Articles, Article Marketer, Article Fever, Article99, Article Dashboard and

    These are a few simple tips that can make things happen for your website. They won’t cost you anything. All they require is for you to be a little more attentive to details.


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