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    Apr 3 rd, 2012
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    How to Distribute Content with RSS Feeds

    One of the main objectives of online marketing is to distribute articles and make them spread like viruses in the World Wide Web.

    This scenario, which internet buffs call viral marketing, happens when web content replicates itself or when its link appears on hundreds of sites because people embed it in their own blogs, microblogs, tweets, status updates, and other postings.

    Content can also be delivered automatically to people through RSS feeds. This is the reason why RSS, which means Really Simple Syndication, is an effective content distribution tool that helps to enhance your presence on the web.

    Here are some ways to effectively distribute content with the use of RSS feeds.

    1. Submit your site to directory sites with RSS feeds.

    Directory sites are websites that display links of websites or businesses which they group according to categories or sub-categories.

    A directory site that is set up with an RSS feed helps to make your business easily seen by people who subscribe to a particular category on that site.

    This technique can also help to make your content seen by other sites who may be interested to harvest your content, thus making it viral in the process. This will lead many people to your site.

    2. Get links from credible sites or blogs.

    Getting links from related sites can greatly help to improve your online visibility and exposure. This can help to make your site or blog visible to that site’s audience and improve its popularity with the search engines. This also increases your site’s potential to be subscribed to.

    But to ensure that your links are recognized by search engines, you must see to it that they are coming from credible sites with high page ranks.

    3. Always make sure that you are using the latest version of RSS feeds.

    As a blog or website owner, you should make sure that your site’s RSS feeds are kept up to date. This can help to ensure that your site is indexed by search engines and Google’s RSS reader. Sites that are continually indexed by search engines have better potentials for ranking highly in the search results pages. This is an essential element of visibility which plays an important factor in traffic generation.

    These are some of the ways in which RSS feeds can be of help to have your content distributed across the web.

    RSS feeds are one of the most important players of viral marketing. You should take advantage of its ability to syndicate content. It can greatly help to increase or even multiply your potentials for sales.

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