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    Dec 1 st, 2011
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    How to Develop a Reader Friendly Blog

    Blogging is like a journal which depends on your knowledge, personal experience and expertise as your sources of information. Blogs have to be updated regularly because some people are following it to get their share of knowledge from the information you impart.

    But blogging is not that simple because you need to post quality content which carries value otherwise people would not care to read it. You also need to update your blog as frequently as possible to reassure your audience that you are taking it seriously. Another factor that can make blogging a challenging task at times is your chance of developing writer’s block. This will give you a hard time to find ideas for your content.

    One of the ways you can use to develop a reader friendly blog is to formulate a system based on the following:

    1. Your niche or topic

    Your niche or topic is an important determinant of your blogging success. You should choose one that you have ample knowledge about. This will give you the ability to write comfortably and with authority.

    You can also add some research to reinforce the value of your posts. If you are operating a business like SEO, copywriting or whatever, you can also use a topic which can help to grow your business. This is one of the most productive ways to operate a blog.

    2. Your target audience

    You should know your target audience. This will give you the ability to attach to them and know what they want. Blogging is a journal and an interactive affair, but it is in giving what your readers want that makes it a success.

    Once you have defined your target audience, you should formulate steps to know what they want by joining forums and “feeling its pulse.” This will help to make you aware of their present concerns. This will also allow you to find the right ideas that they will enjoy reading.

    3. Frequency of posting

    Try to establish a regular updating schedule for your blog. This will help to build loyalty among your readers who are following your posts. This will also give your regular visitors the idea when to visit your blog for new stories.

    Maintain a spreadsheet that bears the record or your article titles, keywords and posting dates to ensure that no posts are duplicative of another.

    You also need to develop the habit of jotting down fresh ideas as soon as they come into your mind. You can use these ideas to assemble new posts more quickly. Always save your articles as drafts before posting them; this will give you a chance to review and check your work further before finally hitting the publish button.


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