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    Jul 20 th, 2011
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    How to Deliver Value to Your Readers

    Many writers think that writing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content means writing stuff that is meant only to catch the attention of the search engines and to land in the first page of the search results.

    Search engines can put your site on top by the attention it catches from your writing style, but it cannot guarantee that that your visitors will stay when they find nothing worthwhile in your site.

    A site can’t keep visitors for long with poorly made content. This means that your site will still have a low conversion rate despite its high page rank. Search engines can’t help you convert your content into sales if your articles don’t deliver value to human customers.

    Most SEO content writers focus on making their pages attractive to the search engines, thinking that it is also the best way to attract site visitors. On the contrary, content providers who do not give much weight on the structure and value of their site’s content find that contents that do not deliver value to its human customers do not really help to promote the site at all. Conversions happen when human customers find value in your site, and it’s what search engines cannot detect.

    Length Alone Cannot Provide Value

    The length of your article is not a yardstick for value. In order to generate value, you don’t need to actually write lengthy articles if those don’t actually provide helpful information that tickle the readers’ minds. Your articles should build goodwill and create a sense of confidence that your site can accomplish what it promises to deliver. Articles that provide information to help visitors achieve helpful results means value.

    Hit the Nail on the Head

    Being straightforward is one of the best ways to make your readers stay and read more. Readers love every sentence that provides value, as everyone’s time is precious. You don’t have to take your readers around in circles just to show your prowess as a writer. Writing simple, non complicated articles filled with ideas means a shorter, easy to understand and very informative article that gives value for your visitors’ time. This will give your readers a reason to come back for more.

    Walk the Talk

    Being an expert in the topic you are writing about puts you in an even greater advantage. It will earn you the respect of your readers. Walk the talk when you can. An expert’s advice is a rare piece of information that delivers great value to your visitors.


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