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    Jan 17 th, 2012
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    How to Create Content that Brings Value

    One of the main objectives of creating content for the web is to provide value to readers. It is a system that content developers and marketers develop as part of the Internet revolution. It is a necessity as it is the main factor that attracts visitors. We all know that content and traffic are the two most important aspects that keep the web alive.

    Here are five ways that help to provide value to your web content:

    1. Make it easy to find.

    Content is created for humans and it should be easy to find. The web is populated with millions of websites and billions of content. This makes any single content impossible to find if strategies are not implemented to make them easily accessible.

    Search engine optimization has been developed to resolve this problem. It involves the infusion of important keywords strategic places of your webpage. This makes your content ready for humans and search engines to see.

    2. Make it easy to read.

    Being easy to find does not mean that your content already has the ability to attract reader interest. While it helps to bring your prospect to your content, it could not compel him to stay if your content is not easy to read.

    Make your prospect stay on to read by making your content readable. As visitors usually scan before reading, make your content scannable by providing sub-headlines and bullet points for important items. Put as much information as you can at the upper portion of your content. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short; this will keep your readers from getting bored.

    3. Make it easy to understand.

    The web is not intended solely for college graduates and professionals. It is freely accessible to people on all levels and classes of society. This means that you need to provide content which is understandable to people of all levels without regard to their level of education.

    You can present your content in different mediums like videos, images, or text; just make sure that they are easy to understand.

    4. Make it easy to act.

    A call to action one of the most important parts of content that many content marketers ignore. It is the part that leads the reader where to go or tells him what to do after reading or viewing your material. A call to action is an important aspect of the conversion process. You should always make it a part of your content marketing system.

    5. Make it easy to share.

    Content that is easy to share is beneficial to your content marketing efforts. When your content is able to impress and convince a prospect, they will probably share it within their network. This makes your content more credible because the people who shared them have a rapport with their contacts.

    Of course, this will happen if you use widgets and social networking buttons to make your content shareable.

    There are the elements that provide value to content. You can use them to make your content marketing efforts a success.


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