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    Jan 26 th, 2012
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    How to Create an Effective Marketing Video

    Video articles are becoming one of the most sought after content on the web today. With millions of people visiting YouTube and other video sharing sites everyday, it is hard to ignore its potential for revenue. Lots of people who own written articles are crossing over to creating videos. Tools to convert text articles into videos are also available in the market. This only shows that the video is going to be the next big thing on the web in the days ahead.

    As an online marketer, you need to go with the latest strategies of penetrating your target market. This will help to boost your sales and earning potential as well as it gives you a chance to develop a skill with a big future.

    Here are some of the ways to create an effective marketing video:

    1. Get the right equipment.

    Using the right equipment and tools can greatly help you to achieve your goal. This includes a good digital camcorder, a tripod, lighting equipment, video-editing software and syndication tools. You may set aside $200 – $300 for this purpose.

    2. Choose the right keywords.

    Online marketing is about making content easy for people and search engines to find. You cannot get into your targeted audience’s doorstep unless you know and utilize the words that your prospects use when they look for information in the search engines.

    You need to research for popular yet less competed keywords to maximize your exposure on the web.

    3. Choose an engaging title and interesting content.

    An engaging title is the show window and the main attraction of your content. Make it interesting to tickle the curiosity of your prospects. Infuse your keywords in it to make it search friendly, and expect traffic and a possible increase of your traffic and sales.

    4. Key points need to get more emphasis, so repeat them as often as you can in your video content.

    5. Grab viewer curiosity.

    Curiosity is a thing that leads a person to open anything that is closed. It also makes a person go or wait further to see what happens when something is about to take place. You need to maintain viewer curiosity in your video. One way to do it is to provide a 30-second break before your video starts.

    6. Maintain eye contact with the camera.

    Eye contact is an indication of sincerity and assurance that you mean what you’re saying. When you create video, you should maintain eye contact with the camera to win your viewers’ trust and confidence.

    7. Be yourself.

    If you appear conscious of the camera, you won’t be able to act naturally and your audience can surely spot it. Be yourself in front of the camera. People like it when you show who you are in your videos. This will make you more credible.

    8. Offer solutions.

    People scour the web for information and answers to their questions. This is the value that they are looking for in web content. Your primary goal for creating video is to attract viewers to convert to traffic and potential customers. The best way to do it is give them what they want: information and solutions to their pressing problems.

    9. Edit your video.

    Editing is a must for producing quality content. One of your purposes for creating video is to lead people to your site instead of finding mistakes in your content.

    10. Upload your video on YouTube.

    After you have edited your video, you should upload it on YouTube manually. Try to avoid using software to do this as it can lead to the termination of your account.

    11. Syndicate your video.

    After uploading your video on YouTube, submit it to other video sharing sites. They can help to maximize your exposure on the web. You can use a syndication tool to do it.


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