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    Aug 28 th, 2012
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    How to Create an Effective Landing Page

    Landing page is an online marketing term that refers to a single web page that appears when a web user clicks on an online advertisement. It usually displays a sales copy that serves as an extension of the advertisement.

    Most online advertisements when clicked, don’t usually take prospects to the home page of the website that owns the ad. They are instead sent to the landing page which is specially tailored to match the announcement in the ad.

    Landing pages are generally intended to convert site visitors into customers or sales leads. They are also used to analyze activity generated by pay per click campaigns or search engine optimization. Using a landing page is an effective way to measure the effectiveness of pay per click or other types of online marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords, banner or text ads, and email ads.

    There is a need to build engaging landing pages because it plays an important role in the goal of a business to generate sales. One of the most important objectives of a landing page is to provide its readers with a pleasant reading experience.

    Here are some of the ways to create and effective landing page:

    1. Match the headline of your landing page with your advertisement.

    Your landing page should refer directly to the advertisement that connects to it. This is to ensure that your prospects know that they are on the right page.

    You should make your landing page as engaging as the ad that points to it. It should provide the same impact to the readers the way the ad caused them to click it.

    2. Your landing page should make a clear call to action.

    A call to action tells your visitor exactly what you want him or her to do after reading your copy. You should be clear here in order to get the result you desire. If you want your visitor to sign up for your newsletter, or if you want them to try your product for free for 30 days, say it and provide them the space where they can input their response and personal information.

    Make sure to provide your landing page with two or three calls to action.

    3. Talk to your prospects. Tell them how your product can benefit them.

    The most important thing that your prospects want to see in your landing page is the benefits that your product can provide them with. They are not interested in what you do. You should create your landing page with your reader in mind, and you should talk to them directly by using the word “you.”

    4. Present important points in the form of lists and bullets.

    Nowadays, people are too smart and too busy to spend time to read small talk and entire web pages. You should get your important points across in a way that it is easily identifiable by your readers.

    You can do it by presenting them in the form of lists or bullet points to allow your readers to get a direct and immediate access to your message without necessarily reading every word in your copy.

    5. Make your most important points visible and above the fold.

    The most important points in your copy should all be visible to the readers at a glance. There shouldn’t be a need to scroll down in order to see other factors that make your product beneficial. Make your copy as brief and concise as possible, and if all of the benefits are visible and above the fold, your visitor can surely read them all, including your call to action.

    6. Keep your design simple.

    You don’t actually need a complicated landing page design to promote your product.

    Make your visitors focus on your copy by keeping your landing page simple and free from distracting factors such as navigation bars or virtual clutter.

    7. Test your landing page.

    Always test your landing page before launching it online. This is to ensure that it is free from errors and serving its purpose.

    These are some of the ways copywriters do to create effective landing pages.


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