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    Mar 7 th, 2012
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    How to Convert Traffic into Sales

    If you have a website that gets enough traffic yet you wonder why you only have little sales, you have a problem that you need to resolve at once. Getting traffic is just one part of the online marketing cycle that culminates in sales.

    Here are four important things that you need to know in order to successfully convert traffic into sales:

    1. Your Ideal Customer

    You should know your target market in order to discover its wants, desires and problems. You should be able to paint the picture of your ideal customer so that you can deliver what it wants, provide answers to its questions and present your product or service as an effective solution.

    To deliver what your customer wants, you need to put yourself in its shoes. This is one of the best ways to feel what it feels and to connect to it in an emotional way.

    2. Your Message

    This refers to the things you ought to tell your visitors once they land at your home page. Most business websites settle for corporate messages like “Welcome to XYZ website. We are the best in the online marketing industry,” on their home pages. These messages are very common and people see nothing different in it to make them curious.

    To make your message stimulate reader curiosity, you need to emphasize the benefits your website or product can give to your prospect if they do business with you. People visit websites asking “what’s in it for me?” You should answer this question with the promise of delivering benefits to them. You can make yourself more believable by including testimonials of real people who have used your product.

    3. Your Marketing Strategy

    Your marketing strategy is your means of connecting to your prospects. It is one of the big factors that determine conversion.

    In physical marketing, you need to meet your prospects in their respective places in order to promote your products. Online marketing is no different from it; you have to know where your target audience is hanging out in order to connect with them. The web is a virtual world which is composed of different places where people stay, depending on their passions and interests.

    To effectively market your product, you need to know where your prospects are hanging out online in order to connect with them. The top five social media networks that you need to consider for marketing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. Submitting articles to various article directories can also help to enhance your online visibility.

    You can also boost your potential for sales by re-purposing your content into video, podcast or eBook. This can help to make your marketing material penetrate a wider audience base.


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