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    Oct 25 th, 2011
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    How to Choose the Best Directories for your Articles

    Article directories are the article marketers’ favorite websites to promote their products or services. These websites are a hub for articles of various categories and people who seek information regarding their topic of interest enter these sites. This is where article marketers get the chance to bring site visitors to their own website through a link, and if their articles are credible enough to earn the trust of its reader, there’s a fair chance that that visitor will be converted into a customer.

    There are actually thousands of article directories on the web today. But as an article marketer, you don’t need to submit to all of them because not all of them can help you with your marketing objectives. You need to choose the best directories for your articles.

    Here are a few factors that can help you to determine the best directories for your articles:

    1. Page Rank

    The page rank of article directories is one of the best determining factors that it is a reliable source of information and traffic. You should give preference to the directories which are ranked by Google and other major search engines. This will give your article a fair chance of getting on top of the search results page every time your keywords or phrases are entered by searchers in the search box.

    2. Method of Checking

    You should know how your prospect article directories check the quality of articles they receive. If they use human editors to verify the quality and uniqueness of your article, you should consider them because it means that they are committed to provide value to their readers. You can ignore article directories that do not employ human editors to check for article quality.

    3. Review and Posting Time

    Article directories which are able to publish articles in a matter of five to 10 days are good enough. It is only imperative that you should go for article directories which can give your article the exposure it needs at the shortest time possible.

    4. Contributor Assistance

    You should consider article directories that offer contributor assistance by way of newsletters and writing guides because it means that they care about you and they want you to improve as a writer and an article marketer as well.

    5. Popularity

    Article directories which are preferred by successful article marketers have a story to tell. Successful article marketers became successful because they know what they want and they were able to get it. With their sea of experience, they are actually well versed with the best article directories and how these were able to help them in their marketing campaigns.


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