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    Oct 30 th, 2011
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    How to Choose a Topic for Your Articles

    The topics of the articles you write in promoting of your products or services are one of the determining factors of their capability to capture reader interest. There are lots of well-written articles that did not attract readers because they did not find the topics very useful.

    It is very important to ensure that your topics are fresh and beneficial in order to capture the curiosity of your target market. Here are some of tips that you need consider when choosing a topic for your articles:

    1. Your topics should be relevant to the products or services that you promote

    The very reason you should identify your target market is the fact that you need to cater to their needs and concerns. You cannot capture the interest of your targeted audience if you offer them information which they do not even try to look for on the web.

    2. Do keyword research

    One of your bases for choosing a topic will be to know what your targeted readers are looking for on the web. In order to know the pulse of your target market, you need to do keyword research; this will allow you to give them the kind of information they want. You can use Google’s Adwords keyword tool in order to know what words and phrases people are using to search for information related to your product.

    3. Write how-to type articles to attract readers

    Most people who are looking for information on the web are often attracted to articles that provide a learning experience which they can apply in their job and other day to day activities. Share what you know and give your readers a chance to learn new things by writing how-to articles.

    4. Check related articles to ensure that your article contains something new and different.

    Check for related articles online in order to know what other authors are writing. This will help to make sure that the information you offer to your readers are not mere repetitions of older articles. Your articles should contain something new or it should provide a better approach in addressing certain issues to make them enticing.

    5. Be aware of new issues and base your topics on them

    Keep yourself posted of new issues and developments in your niche by reading blogs and RSS feeds before you begin to write. You can also feel the pulse of your target market by reading posts in forums that cover your chosen niche. Being able to know what people are talking about can help you choose a topic that your target audience will find interesting.

    Article marketing is an effective way of promoting products and services on the web. It is not all about selling but it can help to sell if it is interesting enough to let readers click a link that leads them to a webpage that actually sells the product.


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