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    Mar 16 th, 2012
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    How to Build Inbound Links

    Links help to optimize your website for the search engines. But since not all links carry the same value, search engines, especially Goggle, give recognition to the ones that deliver quality content and information. Unfortunately, there are links which are meant only to attract search engines but they don’t carry the information that web searchers are looking for. This is one of the reasons why search engines keep evolving; to protect the interest of Internet users and to see to it that ethics is practiced on the web.

    Two of the most useful types of links are inbound and outbound links. Outbound links are links that send your visitors away from your site, but it helps to build good will with other site owners who may reciprocate the favor by linking back to your website. Site owners have varying opinions about outbound linking, but they are one in the idea that inbound links help to establish a website’s popularity with the search engines. A site that receives many inbound links tells the search engines that it is an authority on its chosen niche or subject matter. A site that has a lot of inbound links has a big chance of occupying a high place in the search engine results page.

    Here are some strategies that can help to make you build inbound links:

    1. Submit your site to online directories.

    When you submit your site to online directories, you will improve your chances of getting inbound links. Links from website directories don’t carry much authority but they can help to improve your standing in the search engines.

    2. Establish relationships with owners of authority sites.

    This is one thing that requires patience and perseverance as it can’t happen overnight. To establish a relationship with other site owners, you need to make a list of authority and relevant sites in your niche. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and make a link to their site. They might return the favor by linking back to you.

    3. Submit news releases about your company.

    By submitting news releases about your company, you are not only giving out information about its latest developments, you are also helping to optimize it for the search engines. It helps you to create an inbound link each time your release gets distributed and syndicated on a website.

    4. Create content of value.

    When you publish original, valuable content on your website, other site owners might want to link on your site. Valuable content which is partly intended to encourage others to link to it is called link bait. Link baits are articles or content which are shared a lot. These types of articles include blog posts, essays and outlines of original research.

    5. Create partnerships.

    Partnerships can be advantageous as they often lead to reciprocal linking. One of the most popular ways of partnering with other sites is to choose the ones which are not selling products and services that compete with yours. An ideal partner is a website that sells products or services that complement with your business.


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