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    Oct 19 th, 2011
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    How to Build an Expert Author Platform

    As an author, your ability to attract readers is most often influenced by your image and credibility. These can be determined by your expertise in the field you are consistently writing about.

    Every author needs to establish a platform in order to find a book deal or a writing project. Here are five essential factors that can help you to build an expert author platform:

    1. Establish your own brand

    You should establish your own brand as an author. Your author identity encompasses the way you present your unique style. This will make you distinct and different from other authors.

    2. Promote your expertise

    Having established your own brand, you should master it and make it uniquely yours. This will establish you as an expert in the field you’ve chosen. From here, you can start to build your expert platform by engaging in various activities such as: writing articles, blogging, being featured in other media like radio and television, hosting your own podcast, teaching in seminars, workshops and webinars, publishing press releases, or becoming a resource person for reporters and journalists.

    3. Make your presence felt on the web

    Every author has to have a website or blog to make his presence felt on the web. This will help to build his credibility and establish him as an expert.

    4. Know your potential readers by building a contact list

    You will be able to determine just how many potential readers your book will have by building a list of contacts. You can get your data from your Facebook fans and friends, your followers on Twitter, your blog subscribers, and your “connects” on LinkedIn.

    5. Support your community

    You can also promote and expose your expertise by supporting programs sponsored by your local, regional or national community. By sharing your expertise in conferences, conventions and social networking media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you are actually expanding your connections and building your expert author platform.

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