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    Feb 29 th, 2012
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    How to Build a Trustworthy Business Website

    Just like the real world, the web is also inhabited by dishonest people who intend to prey on unsuspecting individuals to make quick money by unfair and unethical means.

    This has made many Internet users cautious about making purchases from business websites.

    If you have a business website, or if you intend to build one, you need to make it trustworthy. It should be able to convey honesty and integrity in order to attract business. To accomplish this, you need to know the factors that can help to make people trust it.

    Here are seven factors that can help you to build a trustworthy business website:

    1. Provide Contact Information

    You convey sincere desire to do honest business with your prospects by providing your website with contact information such as an email address or a contact form. You can also add a telephone number to allow people to talk to you or your representative.

    2. Create an “About US” Page

    This page intends to tell your visitors who you are or what your company is about. You can also let your prospects know that real people are behind your business website by including photos of yourself or your staff in that page.

    3. Include Testimonials

    When real people vouch for your product or website, it enhances your credibility and you can win your prospects’ trust more easily. Improve your site’s integrity by including verifiable testimonials in one of its pages.

    4. Be Clear with your Site’s Objectives

    People tend to trust a website that can make them understand what it intends to do for them to make their life easier. A site that is able to put its prospects’ fears at ease wins a customer.

    5. Use Secure Transactions

    A person’s credit card number, home address and other personal data are sensitive information that you need to secure. You can only get these from them if you can win their trust and assure them that the information is passed through a secure link from your customer’s browser to your server. You also need to make your customer understand that you use Secure Socket Links in all transactions that involve sensitive information.

    6. Accept Refunds

    To show your sincerity, honesty and professionalism, you should always honor reasonable requests for refund or return. One of your buyers’ greatest fears is that they might not be able to return the merchandise or get their money back should they be unsatisfied with your product.

    7. Provide a Guarantee

    A guarantee helps to give your customers peace of mind. It will also give them the confidence that their investment is secure. If you can provide a longer guarantee for your product or service, it would be better because it can help to convince your customers that your product is reliable.


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