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    Nov 9 th, 2011
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    How to Become an Excellent Ghostwriter

    Ghost writing has become a lucrative career with the influx of blogs, websites and article marketing campaigns. In order to succeed as a ghost writer, you need to know certain factors that can make your talent a standout in the crowd.

    Here are the factors which can help you to become an excellent ghostwriter:

    1. Know your clients’ needs

    As a ghost writer, it is your primary obligation to know your client’s needs and expectations. It is the main factor which keeps your career or business alive.

    It is also your responsibility to tell your clients what you can do to help them with their content issues. You are providing content for someone else. It is your clients’ needs that you should satisfy and your job is to produce great content. You should set your personality aside when you are ghostwriting.

    2. Your knowledge about related jobs is important

    It is imperative for a ghost writer to have good writing talents. But you can make many clients happier if you have a package of other skills which include researching, editing, proofreading, marketing, posting, directory submission, search engine optimization and other online marketing skills.

    It really helps to have plenty of skills which are related to online writing. It will make you more marketable and in demand as a ghostwriter.

    3. You should know search engine optimization

    One important skill that you need to have as a ghostwriter is to know search engine optimization and apply this in your work. This can help to give your client an advantage by making your content noticed by search engines with the use of strategic keywords and by promoting your articles to social bookmarking and social networking sites.

    Search engine optimization has become quite a standard for all articles nowadays. You should learn about it in order to be competitive as a ghostwriter. If you don’t know the basics of SEO yet, you should be honest about it. There are lots of employers who are willing to provide SEO training to good writers.

    4. You should have basic knowledge of online marketing

    You should be equipped with knowledge of basic online marketing in order to become a better ghostwriting. It is important to note that article marketing is about giving away valuable information without being salesy while copywriting is selling products or services through sales copies. You should not confuse yourself between the two. This will help to make you produce articles with a definite purpose.

    5. Listen to your clients

    Other than yourself, the next person who is directly affected by your written output is your client. It is your business that you promote through your articles and he certainly has plenty or ideas to make it grow or prosper. Some of these ideas might just be the ones that can help to drive traffic to his site, so you should listen to your clients and let them speak their minds. After all, it’s his ideas that you should develop and implement because it’s his business.


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