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    Sep 7 th, 2011
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    How to be a Better Writer

    Writing is now the most effective and cheapest means of getting your ideas across. This is because of the power of the internet which allows your thoughts to be broadcast around the world.

    Here are a few basic rules of writing effectively for the web:

    1. Keep your sentences short

    You don’t have to write long complex sentences to show that you’re a good writer. Simple, short and easy to understand sentences make the written article more effective.

    You should also limit your paragraphs to six lines. Short paragraphs help the reader to find some “breathing space.”

    3. Write to your reader in the present tense

    Using “you” is an indication of reader-focus. It also tells that you are directly addressing them in your message. Write in the present tense and avoid using “I” and “me” centered articles because it will only look like you are talking about yourself rather than talking to them.

    4. Use active voice

    As much as possible, avoid using passive verbs in your sentences. Sentences in active voice are shorter, more engaging and more powerful to the reader than their passive counterparts.

    5. Keep it Simple

    The ability to keep things simple for others is a mark of a true master. When you write articles, keep it simple for everyone to understand. You can win people’s interest only if they can understand what’s written. Be concise, direct and brief. Use appropriate words.

    6. Know Your Subject

    Know your subject very well. It will earn you the right to write credibly and authoritatively.

    7. Give what they want

    If you can give what your readers want, they will stick to you up to your very last word. So if you are writing something for the web, you should put yourself in the place of your target reader and ask: “What’s in It For Me?”

    8. Write in conversational tone

    Write for your audience the way you would like to talk to them. Remember, you are communicating with your readers and you should send your message across in a conversational tone.

    9. Give it a break

    It’s very rare to see people writing something and getting it right the very first time. After you write, give yourself a break. Let your piece sit on your desk and come back to edit it after few hours.

    13. Use bullet points

    Using bullet points in appropriate places is an effective way of drawing you reader’s attention. These should also be made as points of emphasis to highlight the importance of an item or idea.


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