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    Oct 25 th, 2011
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    How to Avoid Plagiarism

    Experts are the source of creative ideas and original content for blogs and websites. Those who are less than experts usually copy these ideas and rephrase them to produce their own content.

    One of the best ways to produce unique content is to use professional content writing services that have the right skills and expertise to compose original articles. But copying content is a thing that happens on the web everyday. Writers of original content have been facing this problem for quite a while, but there’s really nothing much they can do to prevent it as content becomes available at the very instant it gets published on the web.

    Despite the obstacles, writers of unique content were able to find ways to minimize copying. Here are some ways that they have developed to avoid plagiarism:

    1. Fresh Ideas

    Experts are originators of fresh ideas because they know their niche like the back of their hands. As a writer of unique content, your ideas should be original. You should be able to create new twists and discover new developments which are found nowhere else on the web. As you develop your ideas, put them down on your PC. Make some additional research to make your ideas factual and workable then write a unique article about them.

    2. Personal Touch

    It is difficult to copy content which is laced with the author’s personal touch, like his experience and interactions with some people who have personal knowledge about his subject matter. Personal experiences and interviews are two things that people find difficult to copy and use as their own.

    3. Lengthy Content

    The length of your content can help to deter plagiarists from copying it. They find long articles too taxing to edit and publish on the web. Your articles should be at leas 800 words long to remain unique.

    The most common practice of plagiarists is to rephrase original content on a per paragraph basis. Following the above tips can help to minimize plagiarism.

    Conceiving innovative ideas, making them workable and writing them down can already make one an originator of fresh content. You can minimize its chances of getting plagiarized if you add your own personal experiences to promote the credibility and originality of your idea. You can also discourage plagiarists from copying your work if it is quite too lengthy for them to copy, edit and post on the web.


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