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    Oct 25 th, 2011
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    How to Avoid Article Writing Burnout

    Writing is an activity that requires energy and focus. If you are writing on a daily basis, you need to have a constant supply of motivation and stamina in order to be continuously productive.

    But there are times when you just feel exhausted and tired that you seem to run out of energy to even lift a finger on your keyboard. Some writers call it article writing burnout. As a person whose income depends on writing, you wouldn’t want it to happen to you.

    Here are some simple ways that can help you avoid article writing burnout:

    1. Don’t be hard on yourself

    Article writing is not an easy job as it requires skill, talent, inspiration, time and effort. You should always praise yourself for every article you are able to produce. It’s a product that comes from no one but yourself. If an article took you longer to produce, don’t get disappointed for it will only tire you all the more. You should know that the amount of energy and concentration that you produce varies each and every day. Be gentle towards yourself and be happy for what you have done.

    2. Use another writer’s article as your source of ideas

    There are times when you just feel worn out to think of ideas. If you happen to be in this situation, its time for you to do a little search for articles that relate to your subject, take one of them and use it as a source for new ideas. But you should do more than just rephrasing it. You should explain the idea in your own words.

    This is one way to keep you going instead of being stuck and allowing time to go by. You don’t have to ponder for ideas too long as it might cause you to get disappointed.

    3. Find a comfortable place to write

    Working in a comfortable environment is one of the biggest factors of productivity. This is one of the very reasons why ergonomics, the science of equipment design to maximize productivity, was established.

    You can write better when you are working in a place where there is less or no physical discomfort which can distract your focus. You also need to take short breaks for each hour of work. This will help you to avoid getting tired after staying in the same position for a long time.

    4. Take time off

    An old adage which says that “always work and no play makes Peter a dull boy” is also very much applicable to writers. If you let yourself get carried away by your desire to produce as much as you can without taking time off to relax, you are very much prone to burnout. Being productive does not mean that you don’t have to spend time to enjoy the other areas of your life.

    Taking one or two days off per week will also help to refresh you both physically and mentally. It can help you to become more productive, energized and free from article writing burnout.


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