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    Aug 5 th, 2012
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    How to Attract Traffic with Marketing Videos

    Videos are fast becoming one of the most useful tools of online marketing. There is a growing demand for videos in the World Wide Web today, and video sharing sites have grown to accommodate this need. Millions of people run to the web everyday to view videos that can give them the information they want to know, from entertainment to tutorials and to product demos.

    Videos are popular, but popularity is not enough to make them easily found in the ocean of information that exist on the web today. Every video creator or online video marketer should make extra effort to expose them so that they will reach their targeted audience. Here are some of the ways that can help you to attract traffic with marketing videos:

    1. Create informative, professional looking videos.

    Web content is intended to inform. Whether your content is made of text or videos, people use it to enhance their knowledge and to satisfy their hunger for information. You need to spend time on this process as it is the portion that conveys your information. Your videos should be clear, audible, and made with perfect lighting.

    You should also see to it that your videos are free from flaws before you release them for people to see. Edit your videos as many times as possible to ensure that they are able to deliver what your target audience expects.

    2. Submit your videos to YouTube.

    One of the easiest ways to get real traffic is to submit your videos to YouTube, the largest video sharing site and the second biggest search engine on the web.

    You can enhance the visibility of your videos by including your main keywords in the title and description of your videos. You should also make sure to include the most important element that brings people to your site or web page: your own URL.

    3. Submit your videos to the other major video sharing sites with the use of automatic video distribution services.

    To make this easily happen at your convenience, you can use Traffic Geyser, a popular video distribution service, to quickly make your video content visible to millions of potential viewers around the world. This is however a paid service that requires you to pay a certain sum of money.

    But if you’re on a tight budget, one way to make your videos reach your targeted traffic is to use Tubemogul which offers free limited service.

    4. Provide your videos with interesting titles and thumbnails.

    Titles and thumbnails are two of the most attention-getting elements of online videos. People are attracted to videos that carry interesting titles and eye-catching thumbnails. These two would never fail to get a click from people who see them in video sharing sites. Interesting titles and videos always tickle the curiosity of web users. They always help to attract more traffic for your site.


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