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    May 2 nd, 2012
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    How to Ask Google for Reconsideration after Penguin Update

    In line with its objective to preserve the integrity of the World Wide Web as a source of quality information, Google has released an update to its search algorithm.

    The Penguin update is intended to target and penalize erring websites that practice black hat techniques to lure search engines and web users.

    The update will surely hit a lot of websites. It may even affect some sites which are not aware that they have committed infringements to Google’s quality guidelines.

    If you think that your website is one of the sites that’s been affected by the Penguin update, Google is giving you a chance to bail that site out of the situation. With a form that you can fill out to justify your site, you will have a chance to bring it back to the mix.

    But it is not a guarantee that your site can simply go away if you had violated the giant search engine’s quality guidelines. It is just a way to bring your website back in the circle.

    Goggle will give your site a chance if you make the necessary changes to make it compliant with its quality guidelines. And all you need to do is to submit a request for reconsideration with the use of an official form provided by Google itself.

    To access the form, go to Google’s Webmaster Tools, sign in to your Google account, fill out the reconsideration request and submit it. But you must see to it that you have your site verified first before submitting the request.

    Google appreciates admission of mistakes and the website operators’ intention to correct them. Google’s Rachel Searles emphasizes this in a video discussion regarding the Penguin and what to do about it.

    “It’s important to admit any mistakes you’ve made, and let us know what you’ve done to try to fix them,” Searles asserts.

    She added that people who made reconsideration requests should give details on how the websites had been corrected to comply with the guidelines.

    “Sometimes we get requests from people who say ‘my site adheres to the guidelines now,’ and that’s not really enough information for us, so please be as detailed as possible. Realize that there are actually people reading these requests.”

    Searles emphasized the importance of really knowing what’s been going on with your site so that you will know why it’s penalized. If the site is run by people other than yourself, you should ask questions, she suggests.

    Another representative from Google who participated in the discussion added:

    “Also, we have pretty good tools internally, so don’t try to fool us. There are actual people, as Rachel said, looking at your reports. If you intentionally pass along bad or misleading information, we will disregard that request for reconsideration.”

    “And please don’t spam the reconsideration form. It doesn’t help to submit multiple requests all the time. Just one detailed concise report and just get it right the first time.”


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