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    Jul 21 st, 2011
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    How Articles Help to Promote a Website

    A majority of websites or blogs on the web want to be at the top of the search page and most of them strive to catch the attention of the search engines.

    Being at the top is a sure way to get traffic steadily flowing into your website, as thousands of visitors from all over the world will drop by to see what their searches have recommended.

    Traffic translates to profit, that can’t be disputed. But working your website’s way up to reach the top of the search engine rankings is not an overnight job. It takes time and effort, especially during these days when the web is populated with million of sites and thousands of them are vying for the top spot in their respective niche.

    A well known and one of the best methods of catching the attention of search engines is to assemble or write articles and submit them to article directories. The articles you submit to various directories should include a resource box which tells about your line of expertise and a back link to your blog.

    Most, if not all directories require you to register first before you are allowed to submit your articles.

    The visitors of article directories usually find their way to your blog or website through a resource box where they can find your link.

    You may not know it, but your article has the potential to become viral. This usually happens when other website owners use your articles on their website. This is allowed by most article directories on condition that your articles are posted as is, including your resource box.

    If this situation happens over and over again as you write more articles, it will result in more back links to your blog. These are then indexed by the search engines which increase the rating of your blog in terms of relevance; this will translate to a higher page ranking in the search results.

    Another benefit that articles can deliver to a website is it fosters trust between you and your readers who are your potential customers. This happens overtime and it has to be taken seriously, because the more trustworthy and credible you become with the information you share, the better your chances to convert will be.

    Filling your site with information through relevant articles and submitting versions of these to article directories can work wonders to improve your page ranking. This translates to traffic and potential sales. But the best thing about submitting your articles to various directories is…it’s free.


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