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    Aug 24 th, 2012
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    Generate Passive Income by Uploading Videos

    It is believed that YouTube has taken over Google’s place as the number one search engine in the World Wide Web today. A recent survey says that YouTube has garnered more than one trillion views in 2011. It can translate to 145 views for every existing human being on the planet.

    According to statistics, more than four billion YouTube videos are viewed every single day, and people are uploading to it more than one hour of videos per second. Based on these estimates, you have every reason to take advantage of YouTube’s potential to make you earn some cash. You can actually generate passive income by uploading videos to YouTube. Here are some ways to do it.

    1. Procure the equipment you need to create video content.

    The most basic yet the most important equipment that you will ever need to create videos is a quality video recorder and a HD video camera.

    A video recorder is an electronic equipment that you can use to to record, save, and play back scenes captured on camera. It enables you to shoot and immediately upload videos of real situations which could attract human interest.

    You can buy a good quality video recorder for $100 or less. Strive to raise enough money to buy a HD video camera that is able to produce quality videos.

    You need to carry your video equipment with you all the time. You wouldn’t know that you can come across a situation or event that is newsworthy like a heroic deed, a disaster, a rare natural phenomenon and other scenes.

    Once you have recorded a rare, interesting, funny, or newsworthy scene, do not upload it to YouTube yet. You should find a local buyer who is interested to buy it so that it can make you earn instant cash.

    The videos you upload to YouTube can be interesting and it has a potential to go viral. The moment attracts hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, there is a tendency that YouTube will knock at your door to offer partnership or advertising opportunities. This can mean a lot of ongoing income for you.

    2. Upload as many videos as you can.

    There’s strength in numbers, and the number of videos you upload in your YouTube channel can prove it.

    By consistently uploading as many video short videos as you can, your channel will be able to accumulate the number of views that can attract the attention of YouTube.

    Your videos need not be centered on a single theme, just record and upload anything you deem interesting. If you can consistently upload six videos a day, your channel will have 2,190 videos in one year.

    You should optimize your videos with keywords that can help to make them more visible. If each of your videos gets an average of five views a day, they will have a total of 10,950 views. Multiply it by 30 days and your videos will get almost 330,000 monthly views. It’s quite a lot to entice YouTube to offer you the chance to become a partner with a potential to earn as much as $900 a month.

    3. Use it to drive traffic to a sales page on the web.

    Posting videos to YouTube is a great way to drive traffic to a sales page on the web.

    Online marketers know very well that search engines, particularly Google, favor videos over text articles in its search engine results listings. Optimized videos that carry highly strategic keywords have the potential to occupy the top spot of the search results. It can help to drive traffic to your squeeze page and increase your sales potentials, and it can mean money for your pocket.


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