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    Jul 24 th, 2011
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    Friendly Web Content

    In today’s age, there’s a battle going on in cyberspace. It’s the battle of websites vying for the attention of search engines. These search engines, which use “software spiders” to comb the web for sites that provide relevant contents, are the “guiding stars” which have the power to lead visitors to your website.

    Everybody wants to be found by search engines and every wants to land at the top of the search engine page. But it doesn’t happen unless you follow specific rules and have the diligence to write SEO-friendly content to make your website noticed.

    1. Make your web page title work for you

    A web page title is text that appears at the top of the browser window and it is the very first group of text that search engines as well as the people who operate the computer will read. A rather short page title that includes the business name and its line of expertise will do well for both the search engines and humans.

    Providing a descriptive title to each of the pages on your website also helps search engines find exactly what human searchers are typing in the search box.

    2. Use relevant meta tags for your site

    Meta tags are special HTML tags that are used to store information about a webpage. They are similar to the title tag but they do not appear on the browser window. These tags describe the contents of a web page. It also stores important keywords that search engines find to and display on the results page just below the web page title. Meta tags are also displayed in the page results to describe the web page title.

    Meta tags don’t actually affect how your web page should look like, but they should be made to provide a clear description of the website for which they are made. Keywords are more effective when used as meta tags, but they should be limited to 250 words. Another effective way to make appealing web content is to ultimately write for your consumers; the people who want the information that your site provides.

    3. Make your home page catch the “spiders’ eyes”

    Your home page carries your website’s best chance to catch the “spider’s eye.” A website that attracts search engines better than the rest gets the biggest chance to sell to customers. But it is important to note that in order for your visitors to stay, you should provide your site with contents that supports the keywords and phrases which actually triggered the searchers’ interest to click on your website from the search page.


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