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    Jan 17 th, 2012
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    Freelance Writing Online Pros and Cons

    Many people from different fields of endeavor have considered freelance writing online as their primary or secondary profession. It fulfills a passion, it has its own rewards and it can bring dollars to your pocket. But despite these, a freelance writing career has its drawbacks.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of freelance writing. These can help you to determine if it is fit for you or not.

    Here are the pros:

    1. It gives you flexibility.

    Freelance writing makes you your own boss. It allows you to work anytime, anywhere and without a nosy manager or supervisor who keeps on monitoring your progress. You wouldn’t have a problem getting a day off if you are a freelance writer. You just have to make sure that you can submit your project on the agreed date and that’s it.

    2. It gives you freedom of movement.

    Almost all people have experienced working in a company or office where there’s a manager of supervisor who is monitoring your move and work progress. While this may look natural for some people, others find it awkward and annoying, and they can’t do away with it because it is a part of an established system.

    With freelance writing online, you are allowed freedom of movement. Your clients aren’t keeping an eye on you and occasional brushes with them can’t be so bad. You also have the option to stop working with clients who don’t treat you with respect and professionalism.

    3. It gives you the opportunity to earn unlimited income

    Not all freelance writers earn six figures for their work. But most online freelancers are certainly earning a decent income to sustain their needs. This profession also offers unlimited income, as your earning potential is dependent on your own diligence and ability to accomplish as many projects as you can.

    4. It makes you responsible for your own success.

    In freelance writing, you are your own boss and your success depends on you ability to market, perform and satisfy your clients.

    Here are the cons:

    1. It will steal your life if you allow it.

    Freelance writing can give you an unlimited income for your unlimited time. If you are too keen on earning plenty, you will be compelled to work all week for the money. It can be a cause for burnout. It can be a reason for you to miss many things that you ought to enjoy in your life.

    2. You have to look for a client that pays you for the real value of your work.

    Lots of clients are willing to pay reasonable fees for their project, but they are largely outnumbered by many who pay much less for the same job. There is a lot of money in online freelance writing, but you have to look for it.

    3. It makes you responsible for your own failure.

    Freelance writing is a serious job. It wants you to dedicate time and effort to be able to produce and deliver output. It wants you to manage your time properly in order to earn for the hours you spend on your desk. You have to motivate yourself to do these, otherwise you will not succeed. And you will have no one else to blame for it.

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