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    Sep 22 nd, 2011
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    Four Ways to Develop Effective Unique Selling Position

    Selling in a competitive market needs you to formulate a strategy that makes your business a standout amidst competition.

    In the online business, competition is so intense because marketing is done on a global scale. This is the very reason why a Unique Selling Position or USP has to be implemented. This is the technique of making your product or service different from the rest in order to get noticed by potential customers.

    Many website owners are aware that the use of a USP is important for their online business, but they are facing the problem of developing one.

    One important thing you should consider when developing a USP is to consider the benefits that your product can bring to your potential buyer, not the features that they carry. Features are part of the package that a customer pays for. Benefits are what the customer gets for buying the product.

    Here are a few tips in developing an effective USP:

    1. Know your competitors and what they are doing

    Study your competitors by conducting a search with the use of your main keyword. Enter the top ten sites and try to find out if they have a clear USP. If they don’t use it, take a look at their main features, the services they emphasize or the strengths they highlight. Try to find a gap somewhere and fill it with your own.

    2. Conceptualize your USP

    Develop your own USP by creating a list of ideas that can separate you from your competitors. Focus your USP on the benefits your business can give to your customer such as quality, price, customer support, experience and excellent service.

    3. Select the best USP for you

    After creating the list, you have to determine the best USP for your business. Ask for the expert opinion of your friends in the business and then decide which of those strengths is most compelling.

    After determining the one feature that best describes your business, formulate a paragraph which summarizes the things that makes it different from its competitors. This should be the very first thing people will see when they visit your website.

    4. Make your USP a part of your marketing materials

    From the point you have created your USP, make it a part of all your marketing materials. Make it appear on every page of your website, have it written on your letterheads, business envelopes and business cards and mention it in every instance that you communicate with your customers.


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