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    Aug 10 th, 2011
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    Four Secrets to Great Copywriting

    Many people consider copywriting as a scary job which is done by no less than “experts” in the field. This is because it is almost always done with the utmost utilization of words, format and accuracy that it needs a master to do it.

    But how did those “experts” get into that enviable place they’re in at present?

    This is a question that aspiring copywriters should put into their minds. Anybody with passion, drive and knowledge of the secrets to great copywriting can master the trade. There are only four things you need to discover in order to master the skill, and these are:

    1. Consistent Practice

    Practice makes perfect, no one can argue with that. You must understand the importance of practicing in order to become a great copywriter. Even the task of conceiving headlines or email subjects need constant practice to make them compelling. Making a very effective headline doesn’t happen at the first attempt.

    One way to perfect the trade is to discover how the best do it, and practice hard to emulate their style. Over time you will learn to create your own, which should be as good as or even better than the one you tried to follow.

    2. Understand Your Target Audience

    Understanding the needs of your targeted market before writing an ad copy is one of the most important steps to great copywriting.

    But you could never understand what your targeted demographics needs are unless you put yourself in their shoes. To discover this, you need to conduct a survey of the people within your targeted market or search online to find out what your target market is looking for. Knowing what your market needs can give you a solid idea how to meet these in your copywriting.

    No ad copy catches anybody’s attention better than the one that specifically caters to his needs.

    3. Present the Benefits in a way that Attracts

    One of the most basic requirements of great copywriting is to be compelling, yet it also needs to create an appeal to your customer by making them see a benefit in your product or service.

    Some copywriting copies focus on features. This was the focus of ad copies in the past. Features were appealing years ago, but the present market is more attracted to benefits simply because it targets people’s emotions. Emotions play a big role when people make decisions to buy. In short, benefits not features sell your copy.

    4. Call to Action

    A call to action is the act of inviting your reader to do something, like “call now” or “order now.” But you have to subconsciously capture your reader’s attention to a point where they are convinced and act as you nudge on them to place an order.

    You should always put a confident call to action in every copy that you make. Never leave the decision to your reader. Otherwise, you will miss your ultimate goal which is to close out your copy.


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