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    Nov 9 th, 2011
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    Four Attributes of Readable Articles

    When people build a website, they usually feel the urge to fill it with content. This gives them the rush to produce content which are not quite appealing to readers due to their lack of value and quality.

    If you are building a website, it is important to take some time to determine the right content that captures the attention of web surfers and search engines. They should be readable and easy to the eyes.

    Here are four of the most important attributes of readable articles:

    1. Correct Spelling

    Writing is an effective way of communicating and getting your ideas across, but it can easily turn off some readers if it is plagued with spelling mistakes. Even if you deliberately misspell your words by making it sound like slang, you still make many people feel that you are making improper writing. You should also realize that your content is seen around the world and there could be people who are reading your content with the use of a translation program. These programs are not able to translate misspelled words. This leaves your reader with an incomplete understanding of your message.

    2. Good Grammar

    Using good grammar in your content is equally important on the web. There are lots of low-level readers and non-native speakers who might be interested in the information you offer. Good grammar is best presented with the use of short sentences. This will also help language translation programs to translate your article better. Complex sentences tend to confuse readers. You can express your ideas better by using short and simple sentences.

    3. Short Paragraphs

    Short paragraphs are the easiest to read and understand. Break your ideas into paragraphs. Separate each paragraph with spaces and limit them to four or five sentences long to give your readers enough breathing space.

    4. Friendly Fonts

    You are creating content for your audience. You should make reading easy for them. This includes the use of reader-friendly fonts to make your text easier on the eyes. There are several types of fonts in the web and many of them are not ideal for use because they are less readable.

    You should also consider your font size when posting content on your website. A 12-point font is the most accepted font size on the web. Avoid using fancy fonts which are difficult to follow. Use simple fonts like Times New Roman to facilitate easy reading. It will help to build the interest of your site visitors especially if your content is very promising.


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