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    Oct 18 th, 2011
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    Five SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Just like other regular business processes, online marketing needs a strategic approach in order to achieve success.

    In internet marketing, you need to attract traffic to be able to do business. While this needs certain skills that you have to learn, there are also certain pitfalls you need to avoid in order to make your strategy work for you.

    Here are five SEO mistakes you need to avoid in order to achieve internet marketing success.

    1. Use of wrong keywords

    The use of keywords that people use in finding information regarding a particular subject matter is a very important aspect of getting your webpage or website read. Using the wrong keywords will result in your website just staying there without attracting any visitors. You should remember that visitors are your potential customers and they should be your top priority when you create content for your website.

    2. Failure to use title tags

    A title tag is an HTML tag used to define the text in the top line of a Web browser. This is used by many search engines as the title of search listings. Search engines also use it as a factor in determining your ranking in the search results pages. Failure to use title tags doesn’t make your website optimized in the search engines.

    3. Spamming Back Links

    Back links work to drive traffic to your website. They are also used by search engines to determine your site’s popularity and trustworthiness. Real quality backlinks are good, except when these are bought from link farms. You should avoid buying backlinks from link farms because modern search engines are capable of spotting them. It can get your website banned.

    4. Failure to provide keywords

    Failure to provide your web content with keywords is one reason why your website is not getting any visitors. Keywords are a basic requirement for search engine optimization and they should not be taken for granted because they contribute a lot to your success.

    5. Failure to use a keyword as part of your URL

    The words which are most often used by your target audience are the best keywords to use as part of your URL if they’re available. Using keywords as part of your URL can greatly help to give you a certain degree of advantage over your competition.


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