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    Oct 27 th, 2011
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    Five Qualities of Effective Sales Letters

    Sales letters are cost-effective marketing tools that many businesses use in their effort to generate sales for their products or services.

    Sales letters are generally created to engage readers and persuade them to make a decision to purchase.

    Here are the five important qualities of effective sales letters which can help to generate more sales to the products or services you promote online:

    1. Attracting Attention

    The very first task that every sales copy should accomplish is to attract its readers and bring them to his web page. Online marketers drive traffic to their websites by offering free and useful information about the topic of interest to his target market. At this point, attention-grabbing headlines are the most vital factors to capture reader interest.

    2. Engaging

    Capturing the attention of your visitors is just the preliminary step that a sales letter aims to accomplish in its set of tasks. Once your headlines are able to grab your visitors’ interest, you should be able to give them a very good reason to stay and read further.

    One of the most effective ways to engage your readers is to connect with them by addressing their most pressing concerns. You have to express what’s in your product that can benefit them. Remember, your ad copy has to focus on your audience. This is the reason why you need to know your target market before making a sales copy.

    3. Captivating

    Captivating sales copies are those which are able to relate to the problems and concerns of their target market. Your readers would naturally appreciate your familiarity, understanding and empathy of their situation. This will put you in a position where you can be regarded as an authority on the subject.

    At this stage, you can now introduce a solution to their problems. You don’t need to be salesy here; you only need to let them understand how your solution can solve or lessen their problems. These are benefits that you can mention before you even sell a product.

    4. Mesmerizing

    There are some prospects who remain doubtful even if you have already presented your solution. Making a decision to purchase is just hard for them to make because of that little amount of distrust in their minds. You can actually address this by giving proof that your solution works. This can be done by means of testimonies of people who are satisfied with your product. Testimonies help to reassure your readers that your product actually works.

    5. Reassuring

    You can eliminate the last ounce of doubt in your customers if they can get a reassurance of satisfaction, otherwise their hard-earned money will be returned. A money back guarantee is the best form of reassurance any buyer can get for buying a product. It is one way of telling them that you are confident about your product’s quality and effectiveness and you are willing to return their money if they are not satisfied with your product.


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