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    Oct 16 th, 2011
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    Five Major SEO Myths Exposed

    Search engine optimization has helped thousands of content providers get on with their online businesses. But through the years, some myths regarding this very important search engine marketing strategy has emerged.

    Since most of these myths involved SEO agencies, you have to know them so that you can identify the characteristics of the ones you should be careful about.

    Here are five major SEO myths that involve SEO agencies:

    1. Guarantees

    No one can easily guarantee great results in SEO because it’s not predictable. Since no SEO agency was able to know how search engine algorithms work, a guarantee of high page ranking and traffic would be an exaggeration.

    2. A high page rank is not the only measure of a website’s success

    Online businesses always aim for their websites to rank highly in the search engine results page. This is the biggest factor that can give your website the exposure that it needs, but it does not guarantee business success because page ranks do not symbolize people’s trust.

    3. Rankings are affected by keywords in the meta tags

    Some SEO agencies believe that using keywords in meta tags is a way of letting your competitors see what you are ranking for. This is an old belief that no longer holds truth because search engines no longer see keywords in meta tags as basis for page rankings.

    4. Keyword stuffing attracts search engines

    If stuffing a webpage with keywords had ever worked, it was way back when search engines were yet underdeveloped. It was the time when search engines were still unable to identify relevancy of content. Search engines work more like humans nowadays and they have the ability to determine if you are just stuffing your page with keywords without minding the value of your content.

    5. Results can be obtained quickly

    SEO companies who claim that their SEO strategies can put your website to the top spot in the search engine results page overnight are not telling the truth. With millions of websites competing for the attention of search engines, results don’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience to get to the top of the page rankings. Good SEO work is a continuous process that can’t promise you the best results especially during its first stages.


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