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    Nov 9 th, 2011
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    Five Important Qualities of Good Web Content

    Good web content is every content provider’s goal because this is the key to attract visitors and followers who will take a big slice in your traffic pie.

    Good content is inviting. It entices people to come to your site over and over again. It builds a relationship based on trust. It makes them link to your site and comment to your posts on Twitter. You can even make some of them your clients or customers.

    You should strive to provide your blog or site with engaging content. This is one of the factors that can make your site successful.

    Here are five important qualities of good web content that you need to know:

    1. It provides value

    Good web content is about quality and value of information that you want to pass on to your readers; it is not about how long it took you to finish writing your article. You can’t focus on the quality of your content if you are conscious about the time you spend on it. Quality takes time, but it pays off in the long run.

    As a content provider, you should prioritize quality over quantity. It is pointless to produce many articles over a short period of time if no one reads them. But if for the same period, you can produce an impressive article that drives traffic and links, you are actually doing your site a big favor.

    2. It is able to provide benefit to the reader

    People surf the web to find content which can benefit them. They want information which can educate them or help them solve their problems in one way or another. Good content is giving what your targeted audience wants. It is the best thing you can offer to keep your readers interested.

    3. It is easy to comprehend

    Great web content is easy to read. It should flow naturally and its ideas should be structured in a way that makes it easy for your reader to pick up.

    Emphasize important points with sub-headings and enumerate essential factors in bulleted form. Make sure that your article is loaded with information without being too wordy about it. You should also see to it that you spelling and grammar are perfect. This will help to tell the readers that you are not an amateur.

    4. It offers solutions and answers

    One of the first things to know before writing an article are your readers’ pressing concerns, questions or problems related to your niche.

    You can make your content interesting if it is able to provide answers or solutions to your target audience’s concerns. People run to the web for answers. You should be able to know the questions people in your niche are asking. It will help you to find solutions and answers which people find interesting. It will surely make your upcoming article a hit in your targeted market.

    5. It has a friendly tone

    Great content is like a friend speaking to someone who’s listening. It should be able to exude your voice and personality to make your readers feel that they are being talked to by a friend.

    Write the way you talk. It is one of the best ways to convey your message online.


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