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    Oct 14 th, 2011
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    Five Factors that Simplify Content Creation and Distribution

    Content creation is the main factor that can establish an online business and have its presence felt on the web for an indefinite period of time. Another factor that works together with content creation is the ability to have it distributed around the web for people to see.

    Content development is a tedious job which requires time, effort and skills. These are the investments that can bring traffic and revenue which your online business is aiming for.

    With the implementation of effective distribution strategies, you can actually multiply your chance driving traffic to your website. One such strategy is to use existing online communities. These are of great help in giving your content the exposure that it needs.

    Here are five of the factors which can help to simplify your content creation and distribution:

    1. Social Network Sites

    Social networking sites like Twitter are ideal sources of the latest events which you could base your content ideas from. You can also use these communities as a platform where you can announce your message and the URL of your content for other members to view and share.

    2. Blogs

    Blogs are great places to harvest information and personal insights about anything. You can actually coin your own ideas by peeking into the minds of other authors. You don’t need to agree with them all the time. All you need is the information which you need to enrich your knowledge base. Blogs can be effective tools for online marketing. If you are using content to market your products, you should maintain a blog. It is the best place for you to showcase your marketing efforts.

    3. Social Bookmarking Sites

    Digg, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon are examples of social bookmarking sites which are great sources of ideas for future content. They also serve as effective launching pads to syndicate your articles. By signing up to these sites, you will be allowed to bookmark your own content. This can help to get your work circulated.

    4. Article Directories

    Submitting articles to article directories is the most common way of distributing articles online. This is also an effective strategy because article directories, especially the ones which are highly regarded by search engines, have millions of readers and these are visited by thousands of web surfers daily. Article directories also allow your articles to be published by other publishers as long as your resource box remains intact. This is a great opportunity to get your work syndicated. It will also bring your article marketing efforts to a different level.

    5. Forums

    In almost every niche, there is a forum which is dedicated to tackle problems, concerns, solutions, ideas and opinions related to the main subject matter of the site.

    Forums are great sources of ideas and useful information. They come from real people who can also be your real prospects for article distribution.


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