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    Nov 7 th, 2011
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    Five Easy Steps to Hold Reader Interest

    Article marketing is not just about getting your articles published and get read online. It is about capturing reader interest from the very beginning and holding their attention until they are able to read every bit of information in your article including your resource box which leads them to your website. Remember, it’s your website that does the real business and your articles are posted on the web to promote it.

    Keeping your readers interested is one of the ways of diverting traffic to your website. Your articles should be able to maintain it in order to make it serve its purpose.

    Here are four easy steps to hold reader interest:

    1. Write a compelling headline and introduction

    The headline is the door that welcomes your readers to your story and your introduction is the show window of your article which tells your reader what lies ahead. Your headline and introduction should be compelling enough to make your reader feel that your article is worth their precious attention and time.

    Enticing headlines and introductions are those that are very promising. They should be able to convince your visitors that your article has something which can enrich their minds and help them with their desire for information and additional knowledge.

    2. Give them what they want

    People surf the web for information, and this is what your article body should have. People will stick to your page if they find that your content is informative and useful. They find value in articles which are able to offer new and better ways to do things. If you can give them some insider tips and trade secrets, or if you can give answers to their most pressing questions, it would be a good thing because you are not only capturing their interest with it, but you are also winning their trust.

    3. Make your articles easy on the eyes

    Most web users scan through web content and give their focus only on things that interest them. They are attracted to short and easy to read items such as the ones that are highlighted by subheadings and bullet lists.

    Make paragraphs shorter and allow white spaces between them to make your article easier to read and understand.

    4. Use plain conversational language

    Online readers have limited attention span and the easiest way to lose them is to use complex and hard to understand words in your article. Keep your visitors reading by using plain understandable language that doesn’t require them to ponder in search for the meaning of your message.

    You should write as if you’re talking to a friend. Avoid using language which would normally confuse a 10th grader. Being simple and easy to understand will help to make your article interesting to all levels of society.

    5. Leave something for your resource box

    If you give all the information in your article body, your readers will no longer want for more. Leave something which can compel your reader to click through your resource box and into your website. After all, this is what your article marketing campaign is aiming for: traffic for your website.


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