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    Aug 3 rd, 2011
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    Five Easy Steps to Effective Article Marketing

    Article marketing is a type of advertising or marketing technique in which businesses use articles related to their industry or field of expertise and distribute these to the marketplace for publication in order to reach their targeted market.

    A majority of products and service providers market their wares through article marketing. Article marketing is not a complex process, but it can give you good returns by way of traffic and better business opportunities by observing simple guidelines.

    Here are five easy steps to effective article marketing:

    1. Know what topics your targeted audience cares about

    Effective article marketing ideas all begin by knowing what topics your targeted audience cares about. From here, you can do your research to find out what people are trying to find and what they are asking about the topic. In your research, a visit to forums, social sites and blogs that make interactions about that topic will help you determine the questions most people are asking. Providing answers to these questions in your articles will surely attract some attention and traffic.

    2. Write well

    As a general rule, articles need to be accurate and grammatically correct, concise and most of all, they must contain the information your readers are looking for. Poorly written articles do not earn the trust of readers and it therefore has the least or a zero chance of conversion. You should proofread your articles before hitting the submit button.

    3. Keywords is the key

    In the field of article marketing, the importance of knowing what your target market is searching plays an important role. These can be coined into keywords which you will use in different places in your article to attract the search engines. This will also help to give your website a comfortable place in the search pages. Keyword optimization is a key that can open the door to your blog or website; and that means traffic.

    4. After-reading support

    Tell your readers who you are and what your business has to offer by a resource box that is written after the conclusion of your article. By a link to your blog or website, your readers, especially those who were impressed with your knowledge, find their way into your website.

    5. Consistent submission

    Like many endeavors, consistency is also a key factor in the success of article marketing. Updating yourself with the latest searches, writing relevant articles about them and submitting the articles to article directories in a consistent basis is a great way to drive traffic. One important point you should consider is this: Search engines don’t sleep. It will continue to update your page rank as often as you submit articles to multiple directories and update your website with relevant articles.


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