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    Oct 10 th, 2011
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    Five Common Factors that Cause Writer’s Block

    Writer’s block is a common problem that besets writers from time to time. It steals away ideas when you want to assemble written information and it eats up much of your productive time when you end up pondering, trying to find the words that you want to convey to your readers.

    Writer’s block is an annoying condition which always renders you helpless when it happens. You should be able to identify its causes in order to address it properly.

    Here are the five most common factors that cause writer’s block:

    1. Fatigue

    Just like your body, your mind needs to rest in order to recover the energy it expended in your various activities during the day. When you are physically tired, your ability to think creatively is also affected. You must see to it that you are always in good physical and mental condition when you write. Writing in a state of fatigue does not only give you the possibility of producing poorly written articles, it also makes your writing a big challenge which eats up a lot of your time.

    2. Anxiety

    Anxiety is a condition which negatively affects your energy and focus. A writer in this condition will not be able to concentrate as his mind will tend to linger away on the things that make him apprehensive.

    3. Distractions

    Lots of distractions such as noisy surroundings can weaken your ability to concentrate. Concentration is the most important factor in writing and you cannot obtain it in a working area which is full of distractions.

    4. Pressure

    Pressure creates tension and a tense mind loses its ability to think clearly. When you have a writing project that has a specific time to get published or submitted, you should do it while its deadline is still way ahead. This will give you a quality output which you could not have produced under a tense situation.

    5. Self-doubt

    Your ability to produce written information will most often depend on your knowledge about the topic. You also need to be confident with your writing skill in order to produce good written content. If you are lacking in these two factors, chances are you will begin to develop self-doubt which can be a cause of writer’s block. In order to produce quality work, you need to be confident in your knowledge about the subject and your ability to write. Confidence will keep you free from anxiety, and having a relaxed mind will allow you to think and write smoothly.


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