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    Dec 1 st, 2011
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    Factors that Measure Blog Success

    Blogging has become a serious business over the past few years. The millions of blogs that exist on the web are witnesses to it. This is because blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Many people do blogging to promote their businesses while others earn money it by ghostwriting for other bloggers.

    Blogs require effective techniques to become successful. Many blogs fail because they were not able to capture traffic which is one of their main sources of potential income.

    As a blogger, you should know where your blog stands in the success ladder. It is important for you to know if your blog is a potential success or failure. It will help to make you aware that your blog is doing well or if an improvement is needed to enhance its online exposure and increase it’s potential to generate traffic.

    Here are the factors that help to measure blogging success:

    1. Number of visitors

    The number of visitors and unique page views are one of the defining factors of a successful blog. A blog that is visited by hundreds on a daily basis has a great potential to receive advertising offers with higher rates.

    A failing blog on the other hand, has a diminishing number of page views. This can lead advertisers not to renew their contract, leaving the blog struggling and earning less.


    Blogs are interactive and most of them allow readers to post their comments and opinions on every post. Blogs with lots of comments indicate that it is being read and followed by a lot of people. Those that do not receive comments show that it has a narrow audience base.

    3. Inquiries

    The number of inquiries that a blog receives regarding guest posting, advertising or link exchange can tell if it is successful or destined to fail.

    Many bloggers love to guest post on popular sites to enhance their online presence and to drive some traffic from that blog to their own sites. They also love to exchange links with these sites to increase their page ranking and traffic potential, and advertisers like to post their ads to blogs with a wide audience base.

    Successful blogs also receive queries regarding design, content and other things. If your blog doesn’t have any of these factors, you need to review it in order to know the aspects that you need to improve including its design, content, promotion and SEO.


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