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    Sep 16 th, 2011
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    Factors that Make Off Page SEO Work with Search Engines

    Off-page optimization has a certain degree of influence in search engines which makes it matter in the rankings. Although it is not as easy to control as on-page optimization, it cannot be ignored because it works.

    Here are some factors that help to make off page optimization work to improve your rank in search engines:

    1. The use of keywords in incoming links builds credibility

    When other websites use Keywords or keyword phrases to link to your webpage, it is a plus factor for your credibility because search engines view the linking text as “contextual” or related to your niche.

    2. The quantity of incoming links indicate popularity

    One of the tasks of search engines is to measure the importance or popularity of a website. It does this job by monitoring the quantity of incoming links to your website. Search engines take a large quantity of incoming links as an indication that your website is trusted by other sites. This can help to improve your rankings.

    3. The quality of incoming links indicate credibility

    Search engines regard the quantity of incoming links with respect, but it values the quality even more. Backlinks from trusted, higher ranked and more popular websites matter to search engines more than large quantity of links from less popular websites.

    4. The timing of incoming links indicate honesty

    When a website acquires links gradually, search engines regard it as natural and will not see it as an attempt by the webmaster to manipulate the rankings. Search engines are not impressed by websites which gather a large volume of links in a short time frame.

    5. The use of a keyword phrase in the “name” box of blog comments suggests a backlink.

    Use a keyword phrase in the Name box. It often results in a backlink.

    6. The use of keywords as part of your signature when posting in forums also suggests a backlink.

    7. The submission of press releases to PR sites increases exposure and promotes backlinks.

    Remember’ every link that is targeted to your website can help it achieve a better rank. Try to obtain as may quality backlinks as you can and you will be happy with the results.


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